My new Retirement Adventure for 2015 – Back to the Music

Sheets of music notes, a clarinet, a piano…


My new retirement adventure for 2015 was
bringing back my childhood enthusiasm for playing music.
I have always loved music, although took a,
well, a many, many year hiatus from playing an instrument.
First came the piano, then came the clarinet.
It was very exciting to me that all of my knowledge,
tucked away for so many years came leaping out.

So, what will 2016 bring..
More music, knitting, sewing, gardening, and retirement adventures.

Happy New Year to You!

Fleece Hoodie

Seasons are changing, snow is blowing.

Now that we are in snowy weather the hoodies are coming out.

fleece hoodie

Retirement and Creativity

I have taken up knitting in my retirement, it is enjoyable, and there are so many types of yarn to pick and choose from.  It is also mobile;  I can take a bag of yarn and needles with me to a local cafe, or onto the back porch in the sun, or to the living room in front of the fire.                     Relax and enjoy.

Although, I continually find myself applying sewing to my knitting projects.  So, I have given in and am sewing some fun Holiday projects.  I find myself getting lost in the fabric stores, a fantasy land of colors and textures anxiously waiting to become a fun creation.

Yes, I have retired from the brick and mortar, although I can not retire my mind and the creativity in my heart and soul.


Fall Fun

The cool fall weather has arrived.  And with it comes some fun projects.

There are so many fun Halloween themed fabrics out there it is difficult to narrow it down to one.

So, why choose just one?  No limits, more fun.


Newest project

My new project has begun!
Here is a sneak peak. Knitting with steel and merino wool.

The Draping Project Complete

My fun draping project is now finished.  I truly enjoy stepping out of boundaries and creating something new.  This draped self pocket tunic vest is made from hand painted merino wool.

Draped self pocket tunic vest made from hand painted merino wool.

November Fun:  The Draping Project

November Fun: The Draping Project

yarn bench

Let your imagination run wild

Leave the pattern books.     Just pick up some yarn, cast on some stitches and let your imagination run wild.

Hmmm… spinning my own yarn?

The fall weather rolling in, leaves are changing, thoughts spiral and spin in my head.  Thinking of knitting by a cozy fire while the snow falls outside.  I begin to wonder,  what yarn to pick, what colors to pick; and hmmm… I wonder what it would be like to spin my own yarn?


Fun With Yarn

Fun With Yarn