Retirement and Creativity

I have taken up knitting in my retirement, it is enjoyable, and there are so many types of yarn to pick and choose from.  It is also mobile;  I can take a bag of yarn and needles with me to a local cafe, or onto the back porch in the sun, or to the living room in front of the fire.                     Relax and enjoy.

Although, I continually find myself applying sewing to my knitting projects.  So, I have given in and am sewing some fun Holiday projects.  I find myself getting lost in the fabric stores, a fantasy land of colors and textures anxiously waiting to become a fun creation.

Yes, I have retired from the brick and mortar, although I can not retire my mind and the creativity in my heart and soul.


One Comment on “Retirement and Creativity

  1. You never lose that creative spark or the need to express it. Even if you are following someone else’s pattern, it is YOU that goes into it. Take away the bricks and mortar, you will pick up sticks and create with them. If you put down your sticks, you will find something else to help the juices flow. Today I took my geometry and quilting skills and helped my sister create a backdrop for a TV spot ESPN is doing with her husband. We always find a way to let those sparks fly. On my mother’s deathbed, her fingers were moving, as if knitting. She wanted yarn to touch and feel. I am sure she is in her spiritual home creating and working on heavenly projects!

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